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If you are looking for the ideal cell phone repair shop in Kumbakonam, you have reached the right place. But before we get into the details of the store, here are 8 things that you might want to know about choosing the right mobile repair store.

8 things to know about Cell Phone Repair

Turn Around Time for Repair

Today’s cell phone users are extremely impatient when something goes wrong with their mobile device. This is because the time and effort involved in fixing it is pretty frustrating. However, having a mobile expert within reach is always handy because getting consultation from an experienced technician makes the process easy. The turn-around-time though, can vary based on the type of issue on your phone. Look out for repair shops that offer free consultation via chat or WhatsApp.

Warranty Services

When it comes to ensuring that you have received the best services, nothing is as good as getting a warranty for the service opted. Most customers ignore the importance of warranty as they want to get through the process of fixing their phones quickly. But the key factor lies in getting a warranty for the spare part or service taken, because it helps you to approach the store with confidence and trust.

Cost of Phone Repair

Many times we wonder how much it would cost for a cell phone repair. If only there was a readymade price list or catalogue for the spare parts or services available online. The good news, with a bit of research, you can find the exact cost of getting your mobile phone fixed. Look out for mobile repair stores that have a pricelist or service cost displayed on their website.

Mobile Accessories

While most mobile repair stores focus on fixing mobile phones, laptops and other gadgets, some good repair stores also offer services for mobile accessories such as earphones, headsets etc. Though the cost of fixing these items may not be a good income provider for the store, they do it mainly to build customer loyalty and provide value-adds. Always choose a store that offers all these.

Data Backup & Restoration

Another key factor while accessing a mobile repair store is the safety and handling of your data. Always ensure that your data is in safe hands and checkout how data restoration is taken care. A good mobile store should be able to retrieve your data and offer that to you as a value add. Some stores offer free data backup.

Water Damage

While water damage is one of the most common repairs that one faces, there are still grey areas where older versions of mobile phones suffer permanent damage. Comparatively, new phone models and gadgets have better tolerance to being exposed to water. In this case of version compatibility, go for stores that have water damage & restoration mentioned as one of their key services.

All Brand Repair Shop

Whether your phone is a Samsung, iphone, nokia, oppo, xiaomi, vivo, Motorola, sony, oneplus,redmi, LG, Huawei or a Google, chances are there are only a few mobile repair stores catering services to all brands. Search for All-brand cell phone repair stores near your to fix your mobile. It is always good to ensure that your service guy knows about different hardware and technologies.

Experienced Technicians

Talking about service guys, there is no substitute to experience, so choosing the right store with experienced technicians makes your problems look small. You should also be able to discuss the issue with the technician to provide as well as learn better insights of your cell phone repair.

Hope you found this article useful. Talk to our expert if you have any queries about cell phone repairs.

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