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The last thing one would want to see after accidentally dropping their phone is a broken mobile screen! It is still one of the worst nightmares that anyone could encounter, because fixing it is not that simple and it requires a mandatory visit to a store. Also the fact that most people do not have an insurance to help them makes it even more painful.

So how often do you drop your phone?

Nowadays, dropping a phone accidentally is no rare event, as it can happen to anyone, especially with kids around. The first thing anyone tries to notice is whether there is serious damage. At most times it is only a scratch, but on your worst day it could be more than that, a broken screen. So, what next? It is always a good to ensure that your phone is working properly and the problem is only with the display.

Things to consider before consulting an expert

People have actively started using tempered glass to protect their phones, but some people are still hesitant to use it as it causes touch sensitivity issues. The risk of not having a protective glass can actually hurt at the most unexpected time. So how do you react when you crack your mobile display? Here are some things you can do and should not do before consulting an expert.

  1. Do’s

  • Check if you have insurance
  • Check whether you are able to operate other features
  • Shift to an old phone in the meantime
  1. Don’t

  • Trying to fix it yourself
  • Trying to wipe the screen to remove pieces of glass
  • Continuing to use it causing the damage to worsen

Get your Mobile Screen checked by an Expert!

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Risk of fixing a broken mobile screen yourself

The reason why it is not advisable to fix a broken mobile screen yourself is due to the risks that are associated with it. Some of the risks are mentioned below:

  1. You might damage the touch sensor
  2. Inner parts of the phone can be exposed to dirt
  3. You can get hurt on your fingers
  4. Your phone can emit radiation (according to some researchers)

And finally, contrary to popular belief, toothpaste cannot help you fix your phone screen.

Dangers of using a Cracked Phone Screen

Continuing to use a cracked or damaged phone screen can potentially cause your fingers to hurt through small glass splinters. It’s extremely risky when kids are around and at times where you keep it in your pocket or bedroom. Damage to your screen means you are exposed to high levels of HD display which may cause irritation to your eyes.

Cost of replacing a broken phone display

Screen replacements can cost anything between Rs. 1,500 to Rs. 15,000 depending on the availability of the phone type and quality of spares. Always go for original spares, as it can save your phone from further damages.

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