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Facing frequent Laptop repair can be extremely frustrating. Almost everybody goes through that, mainly at times when you need it the most. So, are you the person who looks to fix it? Or do you continue to put up with it until it gets non-functional?

Well, here are some pointers on how you can identify and fix a problem on your laptop. The following categorization helps you to understand whether you can troubleshoot the laptop repair by yourself or whether it requires an expert. Let us see some common laptop repair issues in today’s digital era.

20 Common Laptop Repair Issues & Causes

Software-Oriented Repairs

  • Applications Crashing Frequently

Could be due to storage issues, memory, OS updates or corrupted system files

  • Overall Slowness in Performance

May be due to too many programs running simultaneously or at the background

  • Internet or Connection Issues

Could be due to network card drivers or problems associated with the router or modem

  • Laptop Keeps Restarting

Could be due to OS updates, virus or other malware, sometimes even a faulty RAM

  • Blue Screen Error

Could be due to low level software or outdated hardware driver software

  • Virus Alerts

Generally caused by virus & malware; makes your programs act in a weird manner

  • Outdated Driver Errors

Caused by exposure and vulnerability to hackers and malicious software

  • Bluetooth Connectivity Issues

Can be due to outdated or corrupted Bluetooth driver software

Hardware-Oriented Repairs

  • Laptop Overheating

Usually caused by dust settled on the fans that cools your CPU and graphics card

  • Power Issues

Could be due to faulty battery, inadequate power supply or damaged power cord

  • Laptop Noise

Usually caused by dust, dirt or issues with the cooling fan

  • Laptop Freezes

Can be due to problem with motherboard, and gradually makes other parts to fail as well

  • Hard Drive Problems

Caused by damaged hard disk through physical impact or due to water or moisture

  • Keys Not Working

Caused due to mechanical issues, or due to dirt, hair and other debris present on keyboard

  • Network Connectivity

May be due to an outdated on incompatible network adapter

  • Black Screen

Could be due to issues with LCD display or corrupted graphics driver

  • Automatically Restarts

This could be a sign of a faulty RAM and is generally accompanied with a computer beep

  • Graphical Errors

Usually caused by hardware problems or manufacturing defects in assembling

  • USB Port Issues

This could be due to USB drivers or due to hardware damage

  • Broken or Damaged Laptop

Usually caused by accidental, physical damage

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How to resolve problems in your laptop?

The above list gives you a clear segregation of the types of problems associated with Software and Hardware of your Laptop. While most Software issues can be fixed at home using certain fixes available on the web in the form of multiple forums and discussion topics, the hardware issues require an expert.

Resolving Software Issues

With recent developments available in operating systems, troubleshooting laptop repairs have become easier compared to the olden days. Though it may seem it is relatively easy to format your laptop for any type of issues, backing up and recovering your data can be a tedious process. Before you think of formatting your laptop, try consulting an expert for an easier solution.

Resolving Hardware Issues

When it comes to hardware issues, they are relatively difficult to resolve at home as they are caused by physical defects or in some cases due to unknown software glitches. It is always better to consult an expert or a service center to resolve these issues. Here’s a small guide on how you can identify a problem in your laptop and address the issue:

Checking for Hardware & Software Issues

Run system diagnostics once in a while to figure out problems that require immediate attention.

Check for Viruses

Keep your antivirus software up to date and frequently check for unusual activity and malware.

Lookout for Key Indicators

Always be on the lookout for signs that may indicate that Laptop Issues

  • Laptop Noise
  • Frequent Pop-ups
  • System Error Messages
  • Slow & Un-responsive System Performance

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