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The moment something goes wrong with your gadget, your mind starts to think how much it will cost to fix Mobile Phones. Well, it is probably due to the fact that mobile phones have become quite expensive, and fixing one is equivalent to buying a new one itself. But that doesn’t mean you cannot fix your existing ones. It all depends on the level of damage, or in most cases just a replacement of a worn out device part.

Cost to fix Mobile Phones

Mobile LCD Display

As you know, every phone model is unique in its own way; the hardware for every gadget is different from each other except for a few core elements. Since mobile phones come in different sizes and shapes the cost of hardware also varies from one device to another. LCD replacements of latest Samsung mobiles range between Rs. 14,500 – Rs. 28,500 INR. Comparatively costs of LCDs in Tabs and iPads are much lesser and range between Rs. 4200 – Rs. 7600.


Battery issues were quite common until a few years back. The devices which are manufactured these days come with built-in high performance batteries which last for several years without problems. However, in some cases batteries may not hold up as desired. Though the cost of batteries in today’s gadgets is not huge, it can range anywhere between Rs. 1800 – Rs. 4500.


A common problem with today’s modern gadgets is issues associated with the touch sensor. Almost all Smartphones come with touch sensors and it has become a great way to operate and authenticate. However, it gets extremely frustrating if your touch sensor ceases to function. The cost to fix Mobile Phone sensors may range from Rs. 810 – Rs. 2200. In advanced devices it can cost up to Rs. 4500.

Software Issues

Another common issue in Smartphones is the software related ones. Mostly operating under four to five Operating Systems such as Android, iOS, Blackberry, Symbian & Windows, attending to these requires expert assistance. While minor ones can be fixed using home solutions, the bigger ones that stop the functionality of the phone needs to be fixed at the store. It may cost anywhere between Rs. 650 – Rs. 1800 depending on your device type and operating system.


Cameras are an important part of Smartphones and Laptops. Though it has become quite rare to experience camera issues in recent days, there can be issues with physical damage. The prices of Cameras have come down drastically over the years and it has now become extremely affordable. The cost of replacing the camera on your device can range anywhere between Rs. 800 – Rs. 2500.

MIC, Audio Jack, Speakers

The most common and frequently occurring issue in mobile devices and gadgets are the ones relating to sound – the MIC, the audio jack, and the speakers. The advancements in electronics have made it extremely cost effective to fix these without spending much money. The cost to fix Mobile Phones on any of the above issue ranges between Rs. 850 – Rs. 4750. For a good Smartphone, you can expect atleast Rs. 2000 to fix each one of them individually.

Charge Port

Almost everyone has experienced a problem with their charging port at some point in their lives, as it still remains one of the top most concerns in modern day gadgets. At-home fixes can be extremely frustrating with a lot of trial and errors, but before you could completely damage it, you should seek professional help. Approximate cost ranges between Rs. 1300 – Rs 4500.


Buttons on mobile devices and other gadgets are designed extremely well to cope with rough usage and withstand falls and physical damage; however, considering the usage of long periods of time, the buttons get worn out and in most cases fall out. Though the cost of fixing it not that huge, it definitely needs a visit to the store. Approximate cost to replace the buttons ranges between Rs. 810 – Rs 2200.

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